Need help taming your pup’s wild mane?

Embark on your pet-grooming journey with confidence and ease - we have the best dog clippers for thick dog hair that will make trimming a breeze! Our recommended products are designed to give you precision, comfort, and style while grooming. Plus they come at an affordable price so you don't have to break the bank.

With our set of clipping tools, it doesn't matter if your furry friend has long or short fur, curly locks, or straight tresses – we'll be able to bring out its inner beauty with smooth results every time. Don’t waste any more time trying to find the perfect pair of clippers – we’ve already done all the hard work for you!

Take a look now at our guide featuring recommendations of the best dog clippers for thick hair today!

How We Choose the Best Products for You

It can be tough to find the best dog clippers for thick hair, especially if you're not sure what to look for.

With so many different dog clipper brands and models on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you and your pup.

We've done the hard work for you! After researching thousands of reviews and ratings, we've compiled a list of the best dog clippers for thick hair on Amazon. Whether you're looking for corded or cordless clippers, we've got you covered.

Amazon’s Choice “best dog clippers thick hair”

Oneisall Dog Clippers for Grooming

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What We Love About It

The Oneisall Dog Clipper for Grooming is specifically designed to easily and efficiently groom thick and matted hair. The stainless steel metal blades are highly durable, so they provide a better cut than ceramic ones when dealing with tough hair. It also features a 6800 rpm motor that reduces pulling and ensures efficient grooming every time. In addition, it operates at under 55 dB, so your dog won't be overwhelmed by loud noises while grooming.

Furthermore, the USB charging design makes it extremely portable and easy to charge in almost any environment. Plus, the 2000mA high-capacity battery allows for an impressive 240 minutes of continuous use after only two hours of charging.

What You Need to Know

These pet clippers with cordless a design are the perfect tool for pet owners who love to groom their pets indoors or outdoors. This trimmer also has a special locking function that keeps the clipper blade securely in place and prevents it from accidentally turning on.

Additionally, the IPX7-grade waterproof design ensures that the entire body of the trimmer can be washed directly, making cleaning up after your furry friend a breeze. The included cleaning brush allows for quick and easy removal of any stubborn hair or debris, ensuring your trimmer is always ready for the next grooming session.

Best Auxiliary Light

Dog Care Dog Grooming Clippers

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What We Love About It

Dog Care Dog Grooming Clippers is a must-have grooming tool for multi-dog households. With an illumination light that helps you see the grooming area, this cordless clipper powers through an extended 180 minutes of runtime between charges. Plus, it’s equipped with a USB port charger for quick and convenient charging.

No more having to constantly replace batteries or dealing with uncooperative cords as you groom your dog! The rechargeable and lightweight design of Dog Care Clippers makes them great for professional groomers or pet owners who need a sleek, affordable clipper solution.

What You Need to Know

Grooming your furry friend can be a time-consuming task, especially if you're using the wrong tools. The Dog Care trimmer is here to make your life easier. With its powerful algorithms, this trimmer can calculate the remaining working time in real-time and display the exact working mode and operating speed. It's also intelligent enough to monitor the temperature and life of the blade and remind you to lubricate it when necessary with blade oil.

But that's not all; the Dog Care trimmer has an intelligent smart mode that is sensitive to the level of thickness of a dog's hair. Rest assured that this clipper will automatically set the speed to ensure a smooth and easy grooming experience for both you and your furry friend.

Best for Large Dogs

Pet & Livestock Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

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What We Love About It

The Pet & Livestock Professional Dog Grooming Clippers are the grooming solution for any large or extra-large pet! This heavy-duty clipper is engineered with a powerful 380W copper motor that delivers a trusted 2500RPM cutting speed. With an aluminum head and airflow vents, this clipper prevents your pet from overheating during their grooming session.

Suitable for thick coats, these professional clippers provide precise, ergonomic haircuts that look amazing. Despite its strength, it should be noted that due to the powerhouse 380W motor, this clipper can be quite loud.

What You Need to Know

When it comes to grooming your furry friend, the Pet & Livestock HQ T clippers are a great tool to have on hand. These clippers are specifically designed for big dogs who are 25 inches or taller. The rugged polymer body of these clippers reduces vibration while using them, ensuring a smooth and easy grooming process for both you and your pup.

The airflow vents keep blades cool, which is especially important to avoid nasty burnt hair smells or seared skin. Additionally, the clippers come with 2 heavy-duty industrial blades, so you can switch them out for the best fit for your pet's needs. And with the included long 18.3-foot cord and grooming kit case, these clippers are easy to transport and store. Overall, the Pet & Livestock HQ T clippers are a great investment for any pet owner looking to groom their big furry friend at home.

Best for Low Noise

AIBORS Dog Clippers

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What We Love About It

Introducing the AIBORS Dog Clippers – the only pet clipper you need to achieve a professional groomer-quality clip. Built with high-end technology, these powerful hair clippers deliver an efficient and effective grooming experience. With 4 adjustable guide combs, you can easily clip the hair of your pup to different lengths; from 3mm up to 12mm! Plus, the 4 precisely adjustable trimmer blades—0.5mm, 1.3mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm—allow for the precise cutting control.

Rest assured that your pooch will be kept calm and relaxed with no additional heat or noise produced by the clippers. And best of all – you’ll receive a one-year warranty included with your purchase!

What You Need to Know

As a pet owner, you want your furry friend to look and feel their best. The AIBORS dog clippers are a great investment for at-home grooming that brings professional quality results. Constructed with high-carbon blades, these clippers remain sharp for a smooth, snag-free grooming experience that is pleasant for your pet. The R-shaped clog-proof blade ensures your pet's safety during the process.

With their cordless design and built-in 2000mAh High Capacity Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, these clippers are convenient to use and can last up to 3 hours after a 3-4 hour charge. No more trips to the professional groomer for simple trims, the AIBORS dog clippers give you the power to handle the hard-to-reach spots and keep your pet looking their best.

Best Titanium-Ceramic Moving Blade

HOLDOG Heavy Duty Dog Clippers

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What We Love About It

The HOLDOG Heavy Duty Dog Clippers have been developed for pet owners seeking the ultimate professional-grade grooming solution. The clipper's 33 teeth titanium-ceramic blade, in combination with a ceramic movable blade, offers top-of-the-line performance and durability. These technologically advanced blades require less effort overall while providing smoother, more uniform cuts that are perfect for both curly wavy coats as well as long hair lengths.

The heavy-duty gear offers superior power while maintaining steady control; the three-speed rotary motor offers the peak performance demanded by professionals. Further easing your styling efforts is the 2200mAh High Capacity Li-ion Battery; charging only 3 hours, it can sustain the use of 3-4 hours allowing for a full body clipping on small and medium dogs without producing additional heat or noise.

What You Need to Know

When it comes to grooming your furry friend, the right tools can make all the difference. That's why this dog grooming kit is a must-have for pet parents who want to keep their pup looking their best.

The kit comes with 4 adjustable clipping combs that can be used to clip hair of different lengths, making it easy to achieve the perfect cut every time. And, with 5 precisely-sized trimmer blades ranging from 0.8mm to 2.0mm, you can fine-tune your trimming to get the exact length you're after. Plus, with 365 days of technical support, you can feel confident that you have the help you need to keep your pup looking picture-perfect all year round.

Best Corded Clippers

Andis Heavy Duty Cord Clippers

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What We Love About It

If you're looking for a high-quality clipper that offers fast and easy trimming, look no further than Andis Heavy Duty Cord Clippers. Equipped with a super two-speed rotary motor, the clippers can operate up to 4400 strokes per minute, cutting through thick hair quickly and easily.

The clipper also includes metal clips for attaching and removing your blades with ease. These clippers deliver precise haircuts with closely spaced teeth, preventing snagging or tugging of hair. In addition, the sharp carbon-edged blades are sure to do a comprehensive job removing unnecessary hair while keeping your pet comfortable at all times.

What You Need to Know

Pet trimming can be a daunting task, especially when your furry friend gets anxious due to loud clipper noises. Luckily, with the robust 14-inch cord clipper, you and your pets won't have to worry about the noise anymore. This clipper makes almost no sound, making it the perfect tool for keeping your pets looking their best without them getting spooked. Not only is it quiet, but it also provides precision cuts, allowing for a clean and polished final look. With this tool in hand, keeping your pets well-groomed has never been easier.

Dog Clippers for Thick Hair FAQs

You want to find the best dog clippers for your thick-haired pooch but don’t know which one to choose! With so many choices on amazon, it can be hard to figure out which one is the best, especially if you have not owned one before.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about dog clippers and grooming so you can understand which one might be best for your dog.

What is the difference between a dog grooming clipper and a trimmer?

The main difference between a dog grooming clipper and a trimmer is the size of the blades. Clippers are large, powerful tools that are designed to cut through the thick and matted fur on your dog’s coat quickly and effectively. They have wide blades that make it possible for groomers to achieve an even, uniform look across large areas. Trimmers, on the other hand, are smaller tools with much thinner blades than clippers. The thin blade allows you to be more precise when shaping your dog’s fur or getting into difficult places around its face or feet.

What to look for when buying dog clippers?

When shopping for dog clippers, it's important to carefully consider both the size of your pet and the type of clipper you will be using.

When selecting a size, look for blade length that corresponds to either small, medium, or large dogs. You'll also want to ensure that a good variety of adjustable clipping speeds are available so that you can properly adjust speed while grooming your pooch. A quiet motor is also essential so as not to scare or stress out sensitive dogs!

Next, think about what type of blades will work best for your pup's coat and skin type; some require different types such as ceramic blades over stainless steel blades due to their tendency not to build up heat when in use. Consider if any accessories such as cordless devices are necessary- these make it much easier if you're looking at taking your trimmings outdoors with you! Also bear in mind whether the product comes with additional combs which can help determine precise lengths for successful grooming.

Is it worth buying dog clippers?

Absolutely! Dog clippers are an indispensable tool for any pet owner and are worth investing in. Not only does it help keep your pet's coat clean and healthy, but it also saves you money in the long run on professional grooming services.

Using dog clippers is a relatively easy process that anyone can learn with just a bit of practice and patience. With the right tools and techniques, you can give your pup the perfect trim without spending too much time or money. Plus, if done correctly, using dog clippers will leave your pup looking just as great (or better!) than any groomer could achieve.

How do you groom a dog with clippers at home?

Depending on where you're planning on starting or what type of haircut you plan to give your pup, decide which blade size will work best (generally short hairs require fewer features). Then begin along either side of their neck in smooth strokes running from head to tail until most of their fur has been removed from this area; then switch blades if needed for different lengths or areas afterward before moving onto other parts of the body such as legs and stomachs.

Avoid going over any bony areas like elbows and shoulders when using a larger blade size since this could make them more prone to cuts/burns than smaller areas would be due to excessive heat generated from friction while using larger blades! Make sure there are no knots in their coat before beginning so that everything goes smoothly without pulling out too much fur; use stainless steel scissors if needed while cutting around eyes and sensitive areas as these will usually require more precision than a general combing/clipping process might need - just be careful not to hurt yourself when doing so! Lastly don't forget those pesky hard-to-reach places such as between toes – clip only very small amounts here until the desired length is achieved lest it causes discomfort due to its proximity sensitive skin underneath excess layers upon layers built up over years old fur growth!

When finished wiping away any residual hair left behind with either gauze or damp cloth pads then apply any specialized conditioners & shampoos unique to specific breeds depending upon what long-term maintenance regime best suits your particular breed.

Do you use dog clippers with or against hair?

When it comes to clipping your dog's hair, the direction in which you use the clippers is of utmost importance. To ensure that your pup's coat remains healthy and undamaged, it is important to understand how and when to use clippers against or with the grain of their hair; this will vary depending on a few factors.

When grooming, it is best practice to clip with the grain first and then against the grain; this will ensure an even cut overall. If using an electric trimmer or clipper, start by running the blade across your pup’s fur in long strokes from head to tail along with its natural feathering pattern (or “grain”); this helps remove any dead hairs more quickly and efficiently. Once you have completed passing over each area once or twice (depending on what type of fur coat your pup has), go back over each section and move perpendicularly for a closer shave as required. Moving against the skin can help reduce excess bulk, but be careful not to press too hard - if resistance is experienced then stop immediately as not doing so could lead to skin irritation or even damage due to overheating blades.

Should I cut my dog's hair before or after a bath?

It is generally recommended to groom your dog after a bath. The primary reason for this is that it can help protect their skin from overheating. By trimming and styling the coat after the bath, you'll be removing excess water and drying the hair more quickly than if you were to groom before the bath. Additionally, wet fur tends to lie flat, making it easier to achieve an even look when styling.

How do you groom a dog who hates clippers?

Grooming a dog who is afraid of clippers can take some patience, but it's not impossible. The first step is to prepare the area for grooming by removing distractions and setting the stage for success. Choose a location that is distraction-free and quiet, like an empty room in your house or even outdoors if the weather allows. Place treats nearby to reward your pup when they are doing well and keep them within reach during the entire process.

Next, you'll want to begin desensitizing your pup to the noise from clippers. Start with having them near without turning them on at all; give lots of praise and treats when he shows no fear or anxiety around them. Once your pup is comfortable being near the clippers you can start slowly introducing sound in small increments (e.g., turn it on briefly then immediately turn it off). Praise him calmly when he remains relaxed while listening to these sounds; do this several times before increasing volume incrementally each time until eventually reaching full volume over several sessions across days or weeks depending on how long it takes him to get used to it - trust that you will see progress along the way as long as positive reinforcement methods are consistently applied!

When ready, move on to pairing touch with sound by lightly stroking his fur while playing a low-volume version of the same noise clip used previously (clipper noises). As before, increase sound levels gradually over time whenever possible and reward good behavior with treats/praise until acclimated enough for the grooming session itself to occur – which should now feel much less intimidating than before!

What dog coats should not be clipped?

It is generally not recommended to clip the coats of certain types of dogs, as it can lead to a variety of undesirable effects. In general, it is advisable to avoid clipping any dog with a double coat – i.e., breeds such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and other shedders with two layers of fur.

Which Dog Clippers are Best for Your Dog

We hope this blog post has inspired you to make the best choice for your canine companion and seek out the best clippers for their individual needs. We understand that finding something that best suits every situation isn't always easy, but with the information provided here, we trust it will be easier for you to make an informed decision.

Regardless of your budget or requirements, there is sure to be a pair of clippers out there that fit perfectly. All that's left to do on your end is decide which one! So go ahead, click the red button, and get your pup ready for that special day—they'll thank you later!