Spoiling your pup with delicious treats is a must, but what type of snacks are best for him?

Does he turn his nose up at regular treats and snacks? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of some of the best peanut butter brands out there that are sure to make your pup’s tail wag with delight. All our options are made from healthy ingredients that will help keep their fur glossy and their bellies full without compromising taste.

Our top-notch products are nutritionally balanced and provide essential minerals, vitamins, and fats needed by every pup. The recipes are also designed to meet all the needs of small-, medium- or large-sized canines without risking their health. And did we mention how tasty they are too? Your furry friend will be jumping around with delight after tasting these savory delights!

Check out our selection of dog peanut butter now and find the perfect one for your pup—you won't regret it!

How We Choose the Top Products for Our List

It can be tough to know which peanut butter is best for your pup, as there are so many on the market!

With so many different brands and flavors of peanut butter for dogs on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for your furry friend.

After researching thousands of reviews and ratings, we have compiled a list of the best peanut butter for dogs on Amazon. This list will help make your purchasing decision easier!

Best Healthy Peanut Butter

BUDDY BUDDER Bark Bistro Ruff Ruff Natural Dog Peanut Butter

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What We Love About It

Treat your pup to the only natural peanut butter specifically made for dogs: BUDDY BUDDER Bark Bistro Ruff Ruff Natural Dog Peanut Butter. Made from just two simple ingredients, peanuts, and honey, this peanut butter is free of any high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, xylitol, artificial sugar, or salts. It means you can trust that your pup will always receive a top-quality single-ingredient product when they enjoy BUDDY BUDDER.

Plus, because it’s all-natural and free of harmful ingredients and stabilizers this peanut butter provides numerous health benefits to your pup too. Refrigerating BUDDY BUDDER will cause it to thicken so it’s much easier to stuff inside dog enrichment toys like Kongs or puzzle balls making those brain games even more fun and rewarding. You can also use it as a pill pocket when administering medication twice daily by simply spooning it over the tablet – no complaints from there!

No matter the size or breed of your favorite canine companion, pups of all ages and sizes can enjoy this one-of-a-kind treat; however, you should use pup parent discretion when first introducing a new snack as some dogs have more sensitive tummies than others.

What You Need to Know

As pet parents, we always want the best for our furry companions, especially when it comes to their diet. The Buddy Budder has been thoughtfully designed to prioritize your pet's health, giving you peace of mind when feeding them a delicious treat.

The versatility of this product means that it can be enjoyed in so many ways, from a lick mat to frozen treats. It can even be used to hide the taste of medicine. Plus, the ingredient list is made up of high-quality, regionally sourced products, all manufactured in Buddy Budder's own facility in the USA.

Best Treat Filler Peanut Butter

Kong Dog Treat Paste

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What We Love About It

The Kong Easy Treat Paste offers pet parents a convenient, no-mess solution for adding extra flavor to their furry friend's favorite dog toy. Made with wholesome and healthy ingredients, the Treat Paste is an irresistible and delicious snack that your pup will go crazy for. The paste is easy to dispense, simply insert the nozzle into the toy and press carefully for 1-2 seconds as per the package instructions.

For added convenience, KONG's treat paste comes in a neat, mess-free dispensing can so you can keep your hands clean! Whenever you feel like giving your pup an extra special treat, just get KONG's Easy Treat Paste and let them have a ball of fun time!

What You Need to Know

Looking for the perfect addition to your dog's playtime routine? Try stuffing their favorite toy with KONG Easy Dog Treat! This paste is not only delicious, but it also helps to extend your furry friend's playtime by keeping them occupied and engaged. Whether you're looking to reward your dog during training or simply want to provide them with a fun challenge, KONG Easy Dog Treat is the perfect solution. Made in the USA with custom manufacturing methods, you can trust that this treat is of the highest quality and will help your dog reach their full potential.

Best for Pill Administration

Pet MD Wrap a Pill Peanut Butter

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What We Love About It

Introducing Pet MD Wrap a Pill Peanut Butter. Getting your pet to take medication can be tricky. Pets are smart and they can easily sniff out the scent of their medicine, hiding it away behind anything else they might consider more palatable. That’s why Pet MD created Wrap a Pill Peanut Butter: to make giving your pet meds easier and more enjoyable!

This product comes in a convenient form that is designed to fit any size pill or capsule for both cats and dogs. You can easily pinch off as much or as little of the peanut butter flavor treat as you need to create small pouches for your pet's medication.

Pet MD created this product because not only is it incredibly fast and simple - it's also tasty enough that your pet won't try to search out their medicine underneath what they might otherwise consider more enjoyable food. After all, our pets deserve delicious treats too (even if they don't quite realize it!) For quick administration whether you're at home or on the go.

What You Need to Know

Ensuring that our furry friends stay healthy is one of the most important responsibilities we have as pet owners. Administering medication to dogs can be a real challenge, especially when they resist swallowing those bitter pills. That's where this Pill Paste comes in! Made with a yummy flavor that dogs can't resist, the paste is carefully formulated to make it super easy for you to give your dog their medication.

Not only that, but it's also low calorie - only a third of the calories found in leading brands. With this pill paste, keeping your pet on track with their medication and diet has never been easier!

Best for Protein & Omega 3

Paw Power Dawg Butter

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What We Love About It

Welcome to Paw Power Dawg Butter! This great-tasting peanut butter treats for dogs is the perfect way to perk up your furry friend’s day. Paw Power dog-safe peanut butter is made from GMO-free, unsalted peanuts that are roasted to perfection and blended with honey.

Not only is it delicious, but also packed with protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids that promote optimal dog health. So make sure your four-pawed best friend enjoys this delightful treat whenever you serve it on a lick pad, from a spoon, or straight out of the jar!

What You Need to Know

If you're looking for a healthy and nutritious treat for your furry best friend, look no further than this dog-friendly peanut butter. Made without any hydrogenated oil, palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, xylitol, added sugar, or salt, you can rest assured that your dog is getting a snack that is both delicious and free of any harmful ingredients. And with its smooth and spreadable texture, this Dawg Butter is perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages. Just be sure to stir it well and keep it refrigerated for a thicker consistency. Your dog will thank you for it!

Best All Natural Peanut Butter

Hyper Pet IQ Treat Spread

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What We Love About It

Introducing the delicious and nutritious Hyper Pet IQ Treat Spread! This specially-crafted natural dog peanut butter treat is perfect for stirring up your pup's appetite. Not only is this all-natural treat made in the US with responsibly sourced ingredients, every batch also contains zero xylitol, high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, artificial sugars, or salt. Just pure goodness for your four-legged friend!

So when it comes to offering your pup something special and entertaining, Hyper Pet doesn't disappoint. With its amazing flavor and texture that dogs just can't resist, the Hyper Pet IQ Treat Spread goes above and beyond to ensure your pet's utmost satisfaction. And you get the peace of mind knowing it's healthy too!

What You Need to Know

Natural peanut butter can be a healthy and tasty treat for your furry friend, but it's important to use it in moderation. There are plenty of ways to incorporate this delicious spread into your dog's routine - from using it in slow-feed treat mats and bowls, creating filled dog bones, and adding it to reward-based puzzle toys.

You can even spread it onto dog biscuits and cookies, or use it as a training treat for puppies. For the smoothest consistency, be sure to stir your all-natural peanut butter well. And if you want to create pill pockets for your dog, simply refrigerate the peanut butter until it's firm enough to mold around the medication.

Peanut Butter for Dogs FAQs

You want to find the best peanut butter for your dog but are having difficulty knowing which one to choose! With so many choices on amazon, it can be hard to figure out which one would be the best, especially if you have not given it to your pup before.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about feeding peanut butter to your dog to help you understand more about it so you can make an informed decision about which one might be best for your dog.

What is the difference between dog and normal peanut butter?

The primary difference between dog and normal peanut butters is the type of peanuts used. Peanuts intended for dog consumption are usually not roasted, whereas peanuts used in regular peanut butter are typically roasted before being processed into a spread. This slight difference in preparation results in different nutritional values, textures, and tastes.

Nutritionally, unroasted or raw peanuts contain higher amounts of healthy fats such as oleic acid (an omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid found primarily in olive oil) which can be beneficial to your pet's heart health. In addition, raw peanuts contain more antioxidants than those that have been dry-roasted peanuts or oil-roasted peanuts - meaning it has a greater antioxidant activity for fighting free radicals which can help prevent cellular damage from occurring in your pet's body.

What are the benefits of peanut butter for dogs?

Peanut butter is a popular treat for dogs and can offer several health benefits. Its high-fat content helps to improve coat condition, making it smooth and shiny. It can also be a useful source of protein for smaller breeds who need more concentrated sources of nutrition in their diets. Peanut butter also contains healthy vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, Vitamin E, B Vitamins, and zinc which are essential for promoting the overall wellbeing of your canine companion.

How much peanut butter can a dog have in a day?

Peanut butter is a popular snack for both humans and dogs, so it's understandable why you'd want to share the treat with your pup. While peanut butter contains beneficial fats and protein, it’s important to make sure your dog isn’t eating too much of it as large amounts can cause gastric intestinal upset due to its high-fat content.

The amount of peanut butter that is safe for a canine varies depending on their size, breed, metabolism, and general health – so always check with your vet first before adding this tasty treat into their daily routine. Generally speaking though, an average-sized adult dog should not be given more than one teaspoon of peanut butter at any one time; anything more than this could potentially lead to unhealthy weight gain or digestive problems. Additionally, since most brands contain added sugars which are not good for pups in large quantities; make sure you’re choosing natural varieties such as organic peanut butter with no additional ingredients whenever possible.

How common is xylitol in peanut butter?

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol and naturally-occurring sweetener found in fruits and plants that have a low glycemic index and is used as an artificial sweetener to replace sugar. It is increasingly being added to processed foods, including nut butter. While there remains some debate surrounding the safety of xylitol, the presence of this sweetener in peanut butter is becoming more common.

The exact percentage of peanut butter products containing xylitol can vary by region, brand, and product type. However, estimates suggest that up to 10% of commercial peanut butter brands contain xylitol or similar sweeteners such as erythritol or sorbitol as part of their ingredients list. This percentage appears to be higher with certain specialty brands using natural ingredients and avoiding highly processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). In addition, many companies are now offering “no-sugar” versions of traditional nut butter that use plant-based alternatives such as stevia extract instead of HFCS or another artificial sugar substitute like xylitol.

Should peanut butter be refrigerated?

Peanut butter is a pantry staple in many households, and its storage can lead to some debate. As a general rule, it's recommended that you store your peanut butter in the refrigerator once you've opened it. This will help extend its shelf life and maintain the product's integrity and quality.

Why is peanut butter okay for dogs but not peanuts?

Peanuts are not generally recommended for dogs due to the choking risk and their possible allergic reaction. Peanut butter, however, is often considered a safe treat for most dogs when given in moderation. This is because peanut butter typically does not contain whole peanuts and thus eliminates the choking hazards associated with them. Additionally, peanut butter also tends to be sweetened or processed in some way that makes it easier on your pup's digestion than eating raw peanuts would be.

Why do dogs like peanut butter so much?

Dogs love the taste of peanut butter! It's understandable why they would, as it is a great source of protein and other nutrients beneficial to their health. Additionally, the consistency and texture of peanut butter provide an enjoyable feeling in the dog's mouth when they eat it.

How quickly will a dog react to peanut butter?

When it comes to peanut butter, dogs certainly have a penchant for it, and with good reason. Research suggests that the smell of peanut butter alone can trigger a positive reaction in many breeds due to its highly palatable scent and flavor. Generally speaking, when given the opportunity or an invitation to try out some peanut butter, whether it is super chunky peanut butter or more creamy peanut butter, most dogs will react quickly and enthusiastically, eager to get their paws on the tasty treat.

Is it okay to give a dog peanut butter every day?

The short answer is yes, it is generally okay to feed your dog peanut butter every day. However, like with any food treat, moderation, and caution are key when feeding dogs peanut butter.

Which Peanut Butter is Best for your Dog?

All in all, we have provided you with a comprehensive comparison of the different types of peanut butter available for your pup. We understand that every dog's needs are different, so use this list as a guide rather than an absolute “must-have.”

With so many delicious options to choose from, make sure to read the labels and find what’s right for your furry friend. Also, remember that it’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian about any changes in your dog's diet.

We hope that this blog has been helpful in finding the best peanut butter for your pup! Enjoy shopping, and don't forget to press that red button to get started on finding the perfect treat! Thanks again for stopping by and we hope to see you here again soon!