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Brooks Trail Running Shoes offer a unique combination of cushioning and stability, so you can handle any terrain with the right grip. With their anatomical midfoot shape that provides lock-in support to your feet without feeling too tight or restrictive, they'll help improve your runs while keeping you comfortable mile after mile. Plus, designed with breathable mesh materials these shoes will keep you cool even when the temperatures start rising!

Invest in these amazing shoes and enjoy all the benefits for yourself. Whether you’re taking on tough terrains or going for an early morning jog, don't let anything stop you from reaching that finish line whether it be steep hills or long distances!

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How We Choose the Best Products for You

Buying the best women's trail running shoes can be a daunting task, especially if you're not familiar with all the different brands and technologies.

Not sure which Brooks trail shoes are right for you? We know the feeling. That's why we've done all the research for you! After reading through thousands of reviews and ratings, we've compiled a list of the top Brooks shoes for women on Amazon.

With our help, buying the best pair of Brooks trail running shoes for your needs is now a breeze!

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Best for Support

Brooks Women’s Cascadia 16 Trail Running Shoe

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What We Like Most About It

Do you enjoy exploring the great outdoors? Take your love of nature and running to a whole new level with the Brooks Women’s Cascadia 16 Trail Running Shoe. Developed with the trail runner in mind, these shoes allow you to explore and feel protected on changing terrain. The shoe's midsole release grooves make sure you stay comfortable and stable while adapting quickly to uneven terrains. It also features an updated construction so your feet will flex and protect in all terrains.

The Ballistic Rock Shield includes vertical grooves that add extra side-to-side adaptability during your run. Experience comfort and stability during every mile when you slip into the Brooks Women's Cascadia 16 Trail Running Shoe.

What You Need to Know

Brooks Women’s Cascadia 16 Trail Running Shoe provides an incredible combination of performance and comfort, featuring the new DNA LOFT v2 Technology. It gives you 10% softer and 20% lighter cushioning than previous models, along with an extra 2mm of foam for enhanced support and a new TrailTack rubber outsole for unbeatable wet-dry traction.

The shoe also boasts drainage ports to allow water to escape quickly, as well as a gusset so sand and small debris, won't enter the shoe. With Brooks Women’s Cascadia 16 Trail Running Shoe, you can confidently tackle all trails and conditions!

Best for Stability

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 22

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What We Like Most About It

With the Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 22, runners can enjoy the comfort and support they need to power through every mile. Built with a 3D Fit Print upper providing structure and proven fit, this shoe gives you freedom of movement with all-over reliability. Plus, this shoe features Brooks' GuideRails support that won’t distract from the run while delivering better control of your stride.

Experience cushioning like never before with this lightweight running shoe that offers maximum comfort without the excess bulk. Get ready for an unbelievably smooth ride and a more efficient run when wearing the Women’s Adrenaline GTS 22 from Brooks.

What You Need to Know

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 22 is designed to provide just the right amount of stability and support, making it a great choice for those suffering from overpronation. The updated midsole of Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 22 combines 100% DNA LOFT cushioning with a Segmented Crash Pad to give an incredibly soft, smooth ride that allows for seamless transitions between landings and toe-offs. This makes Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 22 increasingly comfortable and highly resistant to wear and tear, providing reliable high-energy cushioning every step of the way. With over 30 different colors to choose from you are sure to find your style!

Best for Cushioning

Brooks Catamount Women’s Trail Shoe

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What We Like Most About It

Introducing the Brooks Catamount: the next generation of women’s trail shoes to help you go faster and farther on your off-road adventures. This shoe is designed with the modern outdoorswoman in mind to provide lightweight, responsive cushioning and high traction outsole.

The innovative DNA FLASH midsole compound is nitrogen-infused to deliver ultralight cushioning and adaptive energy return so that you experience maximum comfort on every adventure. Whether you’re scrambling up a rocky path or walking along a sandy beach, the Catamount is designed to take on whatever terrain you come across.

What You Need to Know

The Brooks Catamount Women's Trail Shoe helps avid trail runners stay comfortable and confident on all types of terrain. This model comes with an upgraded Ballistic Rock Shield that protects feet from rocks and roots without sacrificing flexibility for comfortability, as well as a Mud Guard for the ultimate protection against debris.

Additionally, drainage slits are included to help with ventilation and promote better drying performance. To top it off, a suede internal reinforcement ensures that your foot is managed efficiently while keeping unwanted dirt and sand out. With Brooks Catamount Women’s Trail Shoe, you can rest assured knowing you can tackle any adventure with confidence!

Best for Breathability

Brooks Caldera 6 Women's Trail Running Shoes

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What We Like Most About It

The Brooks Women’s Caldera 6 Trail Running Shoe is the perfect shoe for exploring the great outdoors. With an all-new air mesh upper, this shoe offers enhanced breathability, so your feet stay comfortable while you traverse any terrain. Thanks to the widened base and split heel outsole, these shoes offer superior stability to keep your landings smooth and even on any terrain.

The internal midfoot saddle also holds your foot securely in place without sacrificing any breathability - ensuring solid support with every step. Make sure you’re equipped for outdoor adventure with the Brooks Women’s Caldera 6 Trail Running Shoe.

What You Need to Know

Brooks Caldera 6 Women's Trail Running Shoes are crafted with comfort and support in mind. Featuring Brooks' latest nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 cushioning, the Caldera 6 provides both lightweight and plush cushioning for a more enjoyable run.

It ensures responsiveness and trusted traction that helps deliver a distraction-free experience regardless of how far the trail may lead. A perfect way to stay supported on upcoming outdoor adventures, Brooks Women's Caldera 6 Trail Running Shoe is designed to help you open up to the outdoors and take your training to the next level.

Best Minimal Shoe

Brooks Women’s PureGrit 8 Running Shoe

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What We Like Most About It

Experience the new Brooks Women’s PureGrit 8 Running Shoe. This reliable running shoe is designed especially for trail runners who like a more minimal shoe. It has balanced cushioning and support, with an ideal low heel-to-toe drop that lets you feel the ground while providing a comfortable ride.

Light, flexible and nimble, the PureGrit 8 helps your feet instinctively read, process, and react to the trail. You can trust that this shoe will give you the traction and stability you need for performance on all kinds of terrains. Reduce fatigue and stay comfortable mile after mile with Brooks Women’s PureGrit 8 Running Shoes.

What You Need to Know

Brooks Women’s PureGrit 8 Running Shoe offers superior traction and excellent gripping ability on any terrain with its Ariaprene tongue and sturdy, durable outsole. Its advanced design allows it to quickly drain water and actively repel dirt and debris, ensuring your shoe stays intact no matter how extreme the environment.

The combination of splay lugs, hex lugs, and their exclusive sticky rubber blend provides exceptional grip and maximum flexibility with every step you take. Brooks Women’s PureGrit 8 Running Shoe is the best choice for anyone looking for an ultra-secure fit combined with impressive ruggedness.

Best for Protection

Brooks Women’s Cascadia 15 Running Shoe

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What We Like Most About It

The Brooks Women’s Cascadia 15 Running Shoe is the perfect choice for trail running. The unique Pivot Post System provides a stable platform, allowing your foot to adapt to any terrain you encounter. With soft cushioning and shock-absorbing features that protect the heel and foot during the entire run, you’ll never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable while running on unpredictable surfaces.

The Cascadia 15 is designed for runners who want to feel safe and secure, thanks to their traction-imbuing outsole that can handle anything from loose soil to slick rocks. So if you’re planning an adventurous journey, these shoes will make sure that you're ready for whatever you might come across on the trails!

What You Need to Know

Brooks Women's Cascadia 15 Running Shoe elevates your running experience with engineered mono loop mesh and 3D Fit Print in the upper for increased breathability and improved drainage. The new lightweight GORE-TEX Invisible Fit membrane is bonded directly to the upper for better flexibility and comfort. This combination of technologies ensures a distraction-free fit that not only looks good but also delivers an improved running experience. Such an impressive combination of features makes Brooks Women’s Cascadia 15 Running Shoe a must-have in any runner's wardrobe.

Brooks Women's Trail Running Shoes FAQs

You want to find the best Brooks women's trail shoes but don’t know what to choose! With so many choices on amazon, it can be hard to figure out what is the best for you.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding Brooks trail shoes and trail running so you can find out more about them and see what might be best for you:

What is the difference between a trail running shoe and a running shoe?

Trail running shoes are specifically designed to provide traction, stability, and support when running on trails. Unlike traditional road running shoes, trail shoes have strengthened cushioning along the sides of the shoe to provide a more stable platform in uneven terrain. The upper part of trail shoes also tends to be stronger than a regular road shoe so they can better protect your feet from debris such as stones and roots while you’re on rough trails.

Is trail running harder than normal running?

Yes, trail running is generally considered to be harder than normal running. This is because running on trails requires you to use your body in different ways that regular running doesn't. Without the repetitive and even track surface of a standard road or treadmill run, trail runners must constantly adapt their form and footing to respond to changing terrain and obstacles like rocks, roots, mud, and slopes.

Which Brooks has the most support for trail running?

Brooks is one of the leading brands when it comes to trail shoes, and they have a wide range of options in their lineup. The Cascadia 16 is one of the most popular Brooks trail running shoes and offers tremendous support for those who enjoy hitting their favorite trails.

Is trail running good for weight loss?

Trail running is an effective form of exercise for weight loss that can involve a range of different factors. It is particularly successful compared to other forms of aerobic exercises when it comes to shedding fat and maintaining lean muscle mass.

Are trail running shoes OK for road running?

The short answer is yes, trail running shoes can be a suitable option for road running. In some cases, they may even provide advantages over traditional road running shoes.

In general, the primary differences between trail and road running shoes are the outsoles and lugs. Trail shoes typically have beefier outsole material that offers better grip on uneven terrain and more aggressive lugs (the rubber protrusions from the sole) made to help you grip mud or snow-covered trails. Road running shoes usually have less burly outsoles with shorter lugs to minimize shoe weight and maximize contact with the ground for more efficient propulsion.

What does the GTS stand for in Brooks?

GTS stands for "Go-To Shoes." It is a term used by Brooks to describe some of their most popular running shoes, also referred to as their "hero" products.

Should trail runners be tight or loose?

When it comes to deciding whether trail runners should be tight or loose, the answer depends on several factors. Primarily, it depends on your preferences and needs as a runner.

As far as comfort goes, having your trail runners fit snugly is generally going to provide more support for your feet and ankles than if they are too loose. Keeping them fitted to the shape of your foot also helps with maintaining traction in rougher terrain since there is less room for loose gravel or other objects that can get stuck between the sole and upper material of the shoe. On top of that, tighter shoes usually help keep rocks and debris from getting inside, making them overall more comfortable than being looser.

Should you size up or down in Brooks?

Deciding if you should size up or down when purchasing a Brooks shoe is largely dependent on the type of model and how it fits.

When it comes to comfort, Brooks advises that you buy the right size for your foot shape. You don’t want to buy something too tight since this can lead to blisters and soreness. They recommend going with either their standard sizing guide or their True Fit guide, which takes into account your foot length, width, and arch height to find the perfect fit - but even then, they acknowledge that those are merely starting points, so you may need some extra alterations depending on your exact anatomy!

How do I choose trail running shoes?

Choosing the right trail running shoes is essential for a successful and enjoyable running experience. It is important to take into consideration the type of terrain you plan to run on, your foot arch, and other factors when selecting the best pair of trail shoes.

The first thing you should consider is the type of terrain that you will be running on. If there are rocks or roots in your path, then a sole with great traction and stability can help keep you steady while preventing slippage. On softer surfaces like sand or mud, a durable but lightweight upper may be ideal so that it won't weigh down your feet too much yet be able to withstand sharp objects underneath them.

Next, think about how much cushioning you need in your shoes based on the wear-and-tear that different types of surfaces can have on them over time. If you're going to be doing a lot of downhill runs where extra shock absorption comes into play from pounding against rocks, then thicker midsoles will come into consideration so that impact forces are better managed compared to thinner soles which provide less comfort and protection during runs with high speeds over rough terrain.

Which Brooks has the best ankle support?

When looking for a running shoe with the best ankle support, there is no single answer that fits everyone's needs as every runner’s anatomy and biomechanical demands are different. That being said, Brooks offers a variety of stability and cushioning shoes that offer excellent ankle support to match your running style and needs.

Which Brooks Trail Running Shoe is Best for You?

We hope this blog was helpful in narrowing down which trail shoe from Brooks is best for you! With so many different options on the market, it can be tough to decide. That's why we did the hard work for you and read through thousands of reviews to find the best option based on your needs.

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