Is your pup the life of the pool party?

We have just what you need to take their pool days to a whole new level with our top-rated water toys. Whether they're chasing balls, diving for frisbees, paddling around in doggy floats, or splashing about with tug toys, we've got it all covered! Not only will these toys keep them entertained and engaged, but they'll also help your pet stay cool during those hot summer days. Plus these fun-filled dog moments are sure to bring lots of smiles and tail wags.

So why not give your furry friend an extra special summer treat this year by giving them some exciting water toys?! Let their inner Captain Duck dive into some seriously good times as you get ready for hours of entertaining and interactive playtime.

Check out our blog now and make every pawty at the beach or pool one to remember!

How We Choose the Best Products for You

It can be hard to find a good water toy for your dog that will keep them entertained.

With so many different types and brands of dog water toys on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for your pup.

We've done the research for you! After reading through thousands of reviews and ratings, we've compiled a list of the best dog water toys on Amazon. From interactive dog toys to simple fetch toys, we have something for every type of pup.

Best Retrieval Trainer

BINGPET Dog Float Bumper Toy

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What We Love About It

Keep your pup engaged with games of tug and fetch on the BINGPET Dog Float Bumper Toy. This toy is designed to interact with your pup as they enjoy swimming training or engage in interactive beach activities like diving and fetching. At 10.5" by 2", this large, buoyant toy is perfect to maintain interest and prevent puppies from getting bored over smaller toys.

Made with high-quality, non-toxic material, this environmentally friendly floating toy is sure to not only tantalize your dog's senses but also provide safe entertainment for you and your pup. Its durable hand-knotted rope allows you to engage in interactive tug of war for hours of fun with even the most powerful pups!

The extra wide foam core also makes it easier for more pet parents to throw farther without much effort. Whether you take trips to the beach regularly or just have a pool at home, the BINGPET Dog Float Bumper Toy is the perfect companion for outdoor water fun!

What You Need to Know

When it comes to selecting a great dog toy, you'll want to consider both your furry best friend's enjoyment and safety. That's why the design of this particular toy is so impressive. The knobs have been crafted to create a soft mouthfeel, while still being sharp enough to encourage playfulness. Plus, the bright red bumper is sure to attract your pup's curiosity, making it easy to spot whether on a grassy field or in the waves at the beach.

It's worth noting, however, that despite the high-quality materials and durability of this toy, it's not recommended for dogs with an especially destructive chewing habit. Overall, it's a smart, thoughtfully designed toy that will delight your four-legged companion.

Amazon’s Choice for “Dog Water Toys”

Outward Hound Floatiez Stingray

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What We Love About It

Introducing the Outward Hound Floatiez Stingray – your pup's perfect pool time companion! This unique pool toy helps your furry best friend experience more fun and fetching action during swim sessions.

The Outward Hound Floatiez Stingray is designed to float upright with ease in the water for optimal retrieving firepower. Ideal for pools and lakes, it’s the most convenient way to give your pooch an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

What You Need to Know

Looking for a fun and engaging pool toy for your furry friend? Look no further than Floatiez by Outward Hound! Each toy in this line was designed with inspiration from friendly sea creatures, resulting in bright colors and playful patterns that are easy to spot in any setting.

What sets Floatiez apart from other water toys is their ability to make silly sounds, like the squeakin' spiky ball inside the Puffer Fish. These sounds will keep your dog engaged and excited during fetching fun in the water. So if you want to add a little extra oomph to your pool playtime, Floatiez is the way to go!

Best Frisbee

Chuckit Dog Paraflight Frisbee

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What We Love About It

Are you looking for a fun, outdoor game to play with your pup? Check out Chuckit's Paraflight Frisbee! This durable frisbee has been designed for long-distance flight, making it ideal for high-flying games of fetch.

Its multi-layer nylon interior and soft rubber edges are gentle on your pup's gums and teeth. The frisbee also floats in water, so you can enjoy some playtime with your dog at the pool, beach, or lake. Measuring 10 inches in diameter, this frisbee gradually descends for optimal jumping and catching mid-flight! Get ready to run around outside and hurl the Paraflight for an exciting game of fetch. Your pup will love it!

What You Need to Know

Chuckit is a leading provider of pet toys dedicated to making playtime a truly special experience for your four-legged friend. With their signature Chuckit Dog Paraflight Frisbee, dogs of all sizes can enjoy a game of fetch with their owners anywhere. This unique and ingenious Frisbee flies through the air, providing an engaging and stimulating way to get exercise while strengthening the bond between you and your pup.

Not only that, but its brightly colored design helps keep even the most discerning dog focused and engaged during playtime.

Best Dog Pool

Peteast Sprinkler Dog Pool

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What We Love About It

Say goodbye to hot summer days for your pup with the Peteast Sprinkler Dog Pool! This splash pad pool is perfect for keeping your pooch cool in the hottest weather. It’s made of high-quality PVC material that’s 100% safe and BPA-free, so you can feel good about providing a fun escape from the heat. With an extra-thick 0.5mm bottom, this pet sprinkler pool won’t get easily scratched or leak – even if your pup has long nails.

Watch them have a fantastic time playing with the fountain-effect water sprayers! You can customize their playtime by adjusting the pressure and height of the water coming out, so there’s no need to worry about wasting any. An added bonus is that your lawn will get a little “drink” too!

What You Need to Know

If you are a dog owner looking for a fun way to keep your furry friend cool during those hot summer months, this pet sprinkler pad might just be the solution you've been searching for. Available in three different sizes, small, medium, and large, it can accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes, including breeds as large as Leonbergers and Rottweilers. Plus, with the option to connect directly to your garden hose (if it has a 3/4" connection), there's no need to worry about any additional hose fittings. This handy little product is the perfect way to keep your pup entertained and refreshed all season long.

Best Water Balls

Vitalili 4 pcs High Bounce Water Balls

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What We Love About It

Introducing Vitalili 4 pcs High Bounce Water Balls – perfect for playtime in the pool this summer! Made from a thick rubber core, these balls provide excellent elasticity and are soft to the touch, great for even the most aggressive chewers.

The lightweight design is buoyant so you can watch your pup as they have fun swimming with their new toys. Plus, the textured surface helps to clean your pup's teeth. With great toughness and a high level of elasticity, these balls make active playtime more fun than ever.

What You Need to Know

Looking for the perfect addition to your playtime arsenal? Look no further than this pack of 4 jolly balls! Each ball is 2 inches/5 centimeters in diameter and comes in a variety of vibrant colors. These balls are perfect for indoor and outdoor play and are sure to add some excitement and joy to your day. Whether you're playing fetch with your furry friend or entertaining your little ones, these jolly balls are sure to provide hours of fun for everyone.

Best Fetch Toy

KONG Aqua Floating Fetch Toy

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What We Love About It

Looking for a toy that can keep your pup entertained in the pool? The KONG Aqua Floating Fetch Toy is perfect for splashing around and having some fun! This toy features an iconic KONG Classic shape with rope, so it's easy for your pup to grab and toss. It's specially designed with a foam core, which makes it float easily in water as floating toys provide much more fun for your dog!

The bright neon color also helps make it easier to spot, so you don't have to worry about losing sight of it! With the KONG Aqua, you don't just get entertainment - you also get a great workout as well. With fetching both in and out of the water, this toy supports exercise for your pup and offers an activity that will surely leave them worn out at the end of the day. Tired pups are happy pups, after all!

What You Need to Know

Playing with your furry friend is always fun, but it's even better when you can ensure they're getting the exercise they need. The rope toy is perfect for just that! With the added length, you're able to throw the Aqua further, guaranteeing your dog will have to run a little further to catch it, giving them a better workout. The added rope also provides an interactive playtime option. You can now engage in a little tug-o-war, which is perfect for bonding with your dog.

The medium size is great for dogs weighing between 15-35 lbs, and the large size is perfect for those weighing between 30-65 lbs. If you have a power chewer, KONG suggests increasing the size by one or two or trying the KONG Extreme chew toy.

Let Us Help You Make an Informed Decision

You want to find the best water toy for your dog but are having difficulty knowing which one to choose! With so many choices on amazon, it can be hard to figure out which one would be best, especially if you have not owned one before.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about dog water toys and water play in general, to help you understand more about the topic so you can make an informed decision about which toy might be best for your dog.

Can dogs play with water every day?

Yes, dogs can play with water every day. Water play is a great activity for our canine companions and has many benefits for their well-being.

Not only does playing with water provide entertainment and enrichment for your pup, but it can also help them stay hydrated on a hot day when the weather outside is too warm to take on long walks. Furthermore, several studies have found that playing in or near water provides stress relief and might even lower blood pressure in some dogs! It's also a great way to get rid of excess energy if your pup has too much pent-up energy after a long day of lounging around the house or yard.

How long should dogs play in the water?

Dogs can enjoy swimming and playing in the water for as long as they feel comfortable, but it is important to pay attention to your pet’s body language. For most dog breeds, 20 minutes of playtime should suffice for any given day; however younger or older dogs may require shorter periods.

Safety is the most important factor when it comes to allowing your dog to play in the water. Animals who are not strong swimmers should only be allowed supervised shallow swims with a flotation device such as a life jacket or a pool noodle around their waist until they become more confident swimmers. If a current is present, don't allow your pet into deeper waters without supervision as this can be dangerous and lead to exhaustion quickly. Additionally, if you notice signs of stress such as agitated barking, panting excessively, or refusing to enter the water - take these warnings seriously and bring your pup back out right away!

Do dogs get bored of water?

Absolutely - dogs can get bored of anything, including playing in the water. And yet, sometimes playing with water is one of the best activities for a dog and can provide them with a great source of mental stimulation.

Is dog swimming better than walking?

Yes, dog swimming is an excellent form of exercise that can provide multiple benefits for both you and your canine companion. Swimming can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as:

1) Swimming is a low-impact exercise. This means that it doesn’t put unnecessary stress on the joints or muscles and doesn’t result in strain or injury. Additionally, because dogs don’t have to constantly use their legs during swimming, they experience less fatigue than if they were walking for long periods.

2) Swimming encourages healthy playtime between humans and dogs. Not only does swimming give the dog something fun to do in the water but providing them with verbal praise whilst using a dog beach toy can help build a strong bond between you two as well!

3) Finally, swimming offers many cardiovascular benefits for your pup! It helps improve breathing speed which leads to better circulation and oxygen supply around the body. Moreover, when a dog swims regularly - it will help strengthen its heart muscles which work to reduce the risk of developing common cardiac diseases seen in aging pets (i.e., congestive heart failure).

Should I wash my dog after swimming in the pool?

Absolutely. Whenever your dog takes a swim in any body of water, including a pool, it's important to rinse them off with lukewarm water afterward and be sure to dry the fur thoroughly. This helps remove any potential bacteria or chemicals that may have been present in that particular body of water.

Can dogs spend too much time in the water?

Generally dogs love water, it’s important to remember that they can spend too much time in the water. Dogs are susceptible to hypothermia and exhaustion due to their fur absorbing more water than their body can handle - this is why they should never be left alone when swimming or playing in the water unless supervised by a responsible adult. Furthermore, prolonged soaking of the fur coat can also cause skin irritation and infections if not carefully watched over.

Why do dogs bite water when swimming?

Dogs bite water when swimming for a few different reasons. One of the most common is instinct–when dogs are in the water, they may naturally try to "grab" it with their mouths. This is an evolutionary carry-over from when dogs used to hunt and capture prey in the water. Additionally, some dogs may be trying to help propel themselves forward while swimming by holding on or pushing off objects in the water with their mouths.

Can a dog swim in a pool every day?

Yes, a dog can swim in a pool every day. It's often recommended as part of an overall exercise and play routine for healthy dogs as they're naturally buoyant in water. Swimming offers many benefits to your pup including improved heart health and muscle strength, plus better weight management. As long as you take necessary precautions to prevent accidents such as providing ramps or steps for the sides of the pool so your pup can easily exit when tired or done swimming, then swimming daily shouldn't be a problem.

Is swimming stressful for dogs?

The short answer to this question is that swimming is not necessarily stressful for dogs. It can be a great activity for them. Like humans, swimming can provide a low-impact aerobic exercise that helps keep muscles toned and joints flexible. Furthermore, the mental stimulation associated with learning different strokes and discovering new aquatic environments makes it an enriching experience for many pooches!

However, introducing swimming as an activity must still be done carefully to reduce any potential stress or discomfort on your pup's part. To start with, make sure you use an area specifically designed for canine swimmers—avoid taking your dog into chemically treated pools or bodies of water where they may ingest something toxic or become exposed to infectious organisms. Also key is selecting the right body of water: ensure that the area’s depths are suitable (generally anywhere from chest level down should work).

Which Dog Water Toy is Best for You?

Taking into consideration the needs of your pup, we hope that this blog has been useful in informing you of the options available. We have done all the hard work for you to research the thousands of reviews, so all that’s left is to click on the red button and purchase your pup’s latest swimming buddy!

Having a water toy in your dog's life can reduce boredom and help keep them active, allowing them to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Remember, when it comes to having fun with your pup always play safe. So until next time from all of us here at Smart Frog Reviews, have an awesome day with your furry friends!