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Experience unparalleled performance in quality apparel – and turn heads while doing so! These shorts boast unbeatable breathability and improved airflow that keeps your body cool, yet dry as sweat evaporates quickly on contact. And the best part is that you can expect all this without having to sacrifice style.

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How We Choose the Best Products for You

Buying running shorts can be difficult. You want something that will be comfortable, but you also don't want something that will fall apart after a few runs.

We've researched for you! After reading through thousands of reviews and ratings, we've compiled a list of the 6 best linerless running shorts on Amazon. With this information, buying running shorts will be easy and convenient for you.

Best for Pockets

Northyard Men’s Athletic Shorts

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What We Like Most About It

Northyard Men's Athletic Shorts are extremely comfortable shorts designed with athletes in mind. These versatile shorts are ideal for any activity, from running to yoga to basketball. Crafted with advanced 4-Way Stretch/breathable and quick-drying fabric, the shorts help to keep you cool, dry quickly, and wick away moisture. It's polyester and spandex blend is strong and stretchy, making it easier to move around in the shorts while providing abrasion resistance for long-lasting wear.

There are three conveniently placed pockets with zippers for easy bounce-free storage of your essential items – two side zipper hand pockets and one rear zipper pocket that is deep enough to prevent items from falling out during activities. Featuring a classic design, Northyard Men's Athletic Shorts are perfect for any activity where comfort is key!

What You Need to Know

Northyard Men’s Athletic Shorts are the perfect choice for staying comfortable and stylish on the go. These shorts feature breathable holes on both sides that provide ventilation to keep you cool during activities, while two reflective strips at the front and back offer improved visibility and safety when out in low-light situations.

Northyard Shorts also come with UPF 50+ Fabric that ensures UV protection with a full range of motion so you can conquer any challenge without compromising your fashion sense!

Best 5 Inch Shorts

MIER Men’s Running Shorts

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What We Like Most About It

The MIER Men's Running Shorts are the perfect combination of performance and comfort. Manufactured with ultra-soft and lightweight fabric, they provide a high-quality comfortable wear experience. Ideal for running, they won't weigh you down; this helps you stay focused and perform at your best.

The quick dry fabric actively wicks away sweat, while side mesh panels help release excess heat, so you can stay cool all day long. Plus the flat drawstring waistband ensures a secure fit without feeling too tight - perfect for any activity. Get the most out of your running sessions with the MIER Men's Running Shorts!

What You Need to Know

MIER Men’s Running Shorts are ideal for anyone looking for comfort and flexibility during their runs. With a 5" inseam length and an elastic waistband that features an internal drawstring, MIER ensures a perfect fit around your waist and complete stability so your shorts don’t slide down when running.

MIER's 4-way stretch fabric and curved hem design provide a full range of motion without any liner obstructions, allowing you to move freely throughout your workout or jogging sessions. With MIER’s Running Shorts, it is easy to get the most out of your run!

Best for Moisture Wicking

Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Running Shorts

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What We Like Most About It

The Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Running Shorts are sure to keep you cool and dry while working out. These high-performance shorts deliver superior moisture-wicking capabilities, allowing your skin to breathe with ease and remain sweat-free. Plus, the revolutionary knitted polyester fabric includes tiny ventilation holes giving you ultimate comfort and breathability.

Take your runs a bit farther with pockets on each side to secure small items while on the go. With quick and easy access, these pockets are wide enough to keep your personal belongings safe without taking away from the full mobility of your legs. Whether you're running outside, hitting the gym for a good cardio session, or going for a hike, these running shorts combine superior technical performance with an innovative design for an unbeatable combination!

What You Need to Know

Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Running Shorts are designed with your active lifestyle in mind. These versatile and comfortable shorts feature vented hems and a stretch-engineered waistband, allowing for free movement during any gym session. They are ideal for a wide range of exercises, ranging from high-intensity workouts to casual jogging.

At just nine inches, these running shorts hit the perfect length for maximum freedom of movement. The elastic waistband ensures a secure fit, while the built-in drawstring enables you to adjust the tightness according to your preference. Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Running Shorts provide unbeatable performance and support, no matter what physical challenge lies ahead!

Best 7 Inch Shorts

Haimont 7 Inch Running Shorts

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What We Like Most About It

Introducing the all-new Haimont 7 Inch Running Shorts, designed and made with superior materials to give you an unbeatable advantage on any run. The specialized fabric provides 4-way stretch, allowing for greater movement flexibility with each stride so you can focus on crushing your fitness goals. At the same time, the superior breathability helps you stay cool and comfortable during even your most intense workouts. Not to mention, Haimont's running shorts are incredibly lightweight, making them the perfect choice for speedsters looking to shave precious seconds from their PBs.

The innovative fast-drying technology works overtime to wick sweat away from your skin, meaning these shorts won't hold you back – or weigh you down – no matter how hard you go

What You Need to Know

Haimont 7 Inch Running Shorts are designed to optimize breathability and comfort during sports activities. These shorts boast water-repellent properties that keep you dry even during the most intense workout, and an elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring provides a perfect fit for any size. Not to mention the 7" inseam, ideal for added coverage and support when running or jogging.

On top of that, the Haimont 7 Inch Running Shorts come with two secure zippered pockets and an internal key pocket that offer ample storage space for keys, cell phones, cash, and more - essential features for being properly prepared to go the distance!

Best 3 Inch Running Shorts

Surenow Running Shorts

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What We Like Most About It

Surenow Running Shorts offer the perfect blend of style and performance. The shorts are crafted from advanced polyester that ensures lightweight and breathable comfort. This fabric is also quick-dry to help keep you cool and comfortable during your run. Additionally, the moisture-wicking fabric wicks moisture away from your skin for extra comfort.

For enhanced breathability, the design features mesh panels for ventilation and a relaxed fit for unrestricted movement. With Surenow Running Shorts, run worry-free in sweat-wicking comfort designed to perform.

What You Need to Know

Surenow Running Shorts are designed to make your workouts more convenient while keeping you comfortable. These shorts feature handy side pockets that can securely store your essentials, including any electronic device you need to bring along. An adjustable drawstring closure ensures the perfect fit, allowing you to stay focused on giving it your all as you keep up with your training routine.

Best Quick Dry Shorts

HMIYA Running Shorts

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What We Like Most About It

The HMIYA Running Shorts are designed with all-day comfort and mobility in mind. Their loose fit provides an unrestrained range of motion, so you can train harder and stronger every time you hit the track. Made from lightweight, quick-dry fabric, your shorts will help keep you cool and sweat-free while you climb to new heights. And with plenty of storage options—side seam pockets included—you can take all your essential gear along for the ride.

Whether it’s a marathon or a casual jog around the park, HMIYA Running Shorts will give you the freedom to stay comfortable outdoors for longer periods.

What You Need to Know

HMIYA Running Shorts provide both breathability and security during even the most challenging workouts. The side mesh panels ensure extra ventilation to keep you feeling cool and dry, while the inner drawcord ensures a comfortable fit, so you don’t have to worry about the shorts sliding down when you pick up your pace. HMIYA Running Shorts are designed for athletes who want both maximum breathability and a secure fit.

Linerless Running Shorts FAQs

You want to find the best linerless running shorts but don’t know what to choose! With so many choices on amazon, it can be hard to figure out what is the best for you especially if you are new to running.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about linerless running shorts so you can find out more about them and understand which ones might be best for you.

Do you need a liner in running shorts?

The answer to this question largely depends on the type of running shorts and your intended use. In general, running shorts without a built-in liner may be more suitable for shorter runs or sprints in warmer weather, as they are less likely to cause chafing or discomfort due to their lightweight construction. However, if you plan to go on longer runs under different temperature conditions, particularly if you anticipate sweating heavily during your workout, wearing running shorts with liners can offer additional protection and support that could help enhance your performance.

What's the difference between lined and unlined shorts?

Lined shorts often feature an inner layer of fabric to provide additional comfort as well as extra warmth on cooler days. This layer is usually made from soft materials such as cotton or polyester, but other fabrics may also be used depending on the style of the short being worn. The majority of lined shorts will also contain elasticated waistbands for a secure fit, although this may vary between styles.

Unlined shorts do not feature any type of internal lining or added fabric layers; however, they can still offer plenty of comfort and lightweight coverage appropriate for warm weather wear since the majority are typically made from thinner material than their lined counterparts.

What should you wear under running shorts?

Generally, runners should wear some form of compression shorts or shorts with built-in support under their running shorts. This provides several benefits that can improve the overall experience of running and help to prevent injuries.

What does lined running shorts mean?

Lined running shorts are an essential part of a runner's apparel. They provide the necessary comfort and flexibility needed for long-distance runs or short sprints. Designed with lightweight fabric, lined running shorts are designed to wick away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable while exercising. The lining gives extra support to the body, preventing chaffing and providing more cushioning when landing on your feet during vigorous workouts such as jogging or sprints.

Do you wear undies with running shorts?

The decision to wear undergarments while running in shorts is highly subjective and dependent on individual preference. Generally speaking, many athletes wear underwear when they participate in physical activities that involve intense movements or heavy perspiration.

Some runners opt to wear compression shorts underneath their running shorts for additional protection, support, and comfort. Others prefer not to wear any type of underwear, maintaining that the fabric of the outer layer provides a sufficient degree of moisture-wicking action and protection from chafing against the skin.

How often should you replace running shorts?

It is generally recommended that runners replace their shorts every six to twelve months. The length of time will depend on the quality of the product, how often it is worn and washed, and how rigorous your running workouts are.

Why do runners wear tights under their shorts?

Runners wear tights under their shorts for a variety of reasons. From enhancing performance to providing comfort, wearing tights can be beneficial in multiple ways.

The most important reason why runners might choose to wear tights is increased performance. Compression tights are tight and form-fitting, which helps reduce muscle vibrations and increase muscle coordination. This allows for more efficient running over long distances, enabling athletes to maintain their pace easier throughout the run. Additionally, compression tights also help accelerate recovery as they provide support and minimize post-workout soreness by aiding blood circulation while running or doing other strenuous activities.

What do athletes wear under their shorts?

Athletes wear a variety of garments underneath their sports shorts. It's important to note that the type of garment used will depend on the sport being played and the intensity of physical activity that it involves.

The most common pieces worn by athletes include compression shorts, jockstraps, supportive briefs or tights, thermal layers, and sometimes even extra padding or protection for contact sports such as football or rugby.

Compression clothing is designed to help improve blood flow to speed up recovery time after strenuous exercise. Compression shorts also provide an extra layer of insulation against weather conditions if athletes are exposed to elements like wind or rain during their activity. They may also offer some light support for muscles and tendons while helping with muscle fatigue due to long-distance running events or any type of intense physical exertion like sprinting where rapid muscular contractions occur frequently.

Do split shorts make you run faster?

The short answer to this question is: no, split shorts do not make you run faster. While traditional wisdom suggests that choosing lighter and more aerodynamic running clothes may lead to a faster race time, studies have shown that wearing lighter clothing does not necessarily equate with improved performance.

However, there are other potential benefits for runners who choose to wear split shorts during their workouts or races. Specifically, the lightweight and breathable fabric of many split shorts can offer increased comfort when running in hot weather and can even help reduce energy expenditure by keeping the body cool while running. Split shorts also offer an increased range of motion at the hip, which can be beneficial for some athletes looking to maximize their training efficiency.

Are shorter shorts or longer shorts better when running?

When it comes to running, finding the right type of shorts is essential. The goal is to wear shorts that provide comfort, and support and help you reach your performance goals. This means the best choice between shorter or longer shorts depends on several key factors.

First and foremost, consider breathability. Typically shorter shorts are more aerodynamic and provide better ventilation by letting air freely flow throughout the legs and body while running at high speeds or during intense workouts. For this reason, many competitive runners opt for tighter-fitting cycling-style clothing which offers superb breathability without any loose fabric that can become cumbersome during long runs or fast paces.

Secondary considerations include style, sun protection, and chafing prevention. Shorter running shorts may appear less modest than longer styles but they often offer greater freedom of movement (especially in areas like the hips) when compared to baggy alternatives with a looser fit - so if you’re looking for pure performance overall then look no further than short running bottoms with a close cut around your thighs/buttocks area. On the other hand, longer styles tend to offer additional coverage from harmful UV rays as well as increased protection against skin irritation due to sweat accumulation over time - making them a popular pick among endurance athletes who take part in events such as marathons or ultra-marathons where overheating prevention is critical to success!

Which Linerless Running Shorts are Best for You?

We hope you have enjoyed this blog and feel more informed about which pair of running shorts are right for you. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. We've read and analyzed thousands of reviews to help narrow down your choices.

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