Attention all male runners!

When looking for a good pair of running shorts, you should always consider Nike. Nike running shorts are designed to help optimize your performance and comfort while on the track. Whether you’re training for a marathon or simply want to stay in shape, these shorts are for you.

These shorts not only feel great but look great too! Featuring stylish designs and colors, Nike running shorts offer something special no matter what kind of runner you are.

How We Choose the Best Products for You

Nike is a great brand, but knowing which product is best for you can be hard.

With so many products on the market, figuring out what's worth your money and what's not can be tough.

We've researched you! Our list of the best Nike running shorts on Amazon will help you find the perfect pair of shorts for your needs without having to waste time reading through thousands of reviews.

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Best for Stretch

Nike Flex Woven Training Shorts

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What We Like Most About It

Experience improved mobility and breathability when running in the Nike Flex Men's Woven Training Shorts. These high-performance shorts feature Nike Flex fabric, which is designed to move with your body for a natural range of motion and help reduce any restricting feelings during intense workouts. Plus, the perforations throughout enhance airflow so you can stay comfortable without compromising on style.

Whether you're out for a morning jog or doing exercises at the gym, these training shorts are ideal for physical activities. With their stylish yet technical design, you'll be able to make a fashionable statement as well as perform to your maximum potential.

What You Need to Know

Nike Flex Woven Training Shorts are a great choice for fitness enthusiasts due to the integrated Dri-FIT Technology which helps wick away sweat and keep you feeling dry, even during high-intensity workout sessions. These machine-wash shorts also feature vented hems which provide a natural range of motion and side pockets for you to store your small essentials both during training sessions and on the go. With Nike Flex Woven Training Shorts, you can focus on achieving your performance goals without loss of comfort or convenience.

Best Lightweight Shorts

Nike Dry Short Hybrid 2.0

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What We Like Most About It

Introducing the Nike Dry Short Hybrid 2.0 – the ultimate athletic shorts for your active lifestyle. With an update to a looser fit and two fixed side pockets, these breathable shorts are perfect for any kind of workout or leisure activity. The mid-rise design and drawstring tie ensure that you can customize your fit so it’s always comfortable, while the lightweight fabric allows for unrestricted freedom of movement and unhindered performance.

Whether you’re running a marathon, jogging around the track, hitting the trails, or simply lounging at home, the Nike Dry Short Hybrid 2.0 delivers special comfort with every move!

What You Need to Know

Nike Dry Short Hybrid 2.0 has taken adjustable waistbands to a new level, with its innovative drawstring design that offers every wearer a truly customized fit. No matter your size or shape, Nike's adjustable drawstrings allows for an adjustable range of waistline sizes and the ability to achieve an idealized fit. Plus, these shorts are lightweight yet still cozy with a low-friction finish that will make you feel extra cool when performing physical activities.

Best for Breathability

Nike Flex Stride

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What We Like Most About It

The Nike Flex Stride Shorts are a must-have item for any fitness enthusiast. With a 2-in-1 design featuring an all-new woven fabric and enhanced breathability, it’s designed to move with you as you drive your workouts forward. Featuring a soft liner for support where needed, these shorts are lightweight and have a comfortable fit to keep up with your toughest routines.

The fabric is made from at least 50% recycled polyester fibers, making the Nike Flex Stride Shorts both environmentally friendly and supportive. Whether you’re out running, lifting, or stretching in yoga class, the Nike Flex Stride Shorts will give you more comfort, support, and flexibility for whatever activity you choose. Get ready to take on every challenge with confidence thanks to the Nike Flex Stride Shorts!

What You Need to Know

Nike Flex Stride allows you to focus on the run rather than everything else. It has enhanced ventilation at the back that ensures maximum comfort, while multiple storage options including a zippered pocket, side pockets, and a drop-in pocket help keep your gadgets safe. To reduce distractions while you're running, Nike Flex Stride also features an updated narrow waistband with a dual-function secure drawcord that can be worn either internally or externally. This is Nike's latest innovation for sleek, distraction-free running!

Best Zippered Rear Pocket

Nike Brief-Lined Running Shorts

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What We Like Most About It

When you hit the ground for a run, you don't want to worry about your shorts. With the Nike Brief-Lined Shorts, you can move with ease and confidence knowing that they are designed to support your movement while still keeping you comfortable. These shorts are lightweight and smooth to the touch, so they won't weigh you down as you run.

The extra breathability at the upper back helps keep it ventilated when running, helping to keep your body temperature regulated. For those who need a little extra storage space, there's an additional pocket at the back of the short specifically tailored for items such as phones or keys.

What You Need to Know

Nike Brief-Lined Running Shorts are designed to keep athletes comfortable no matter how intense their workouts get. Nike uses its innovative Dri-FIT Technology to move sweat away from the skin and enable quicker evaporation, while breathable fabric at the upper back helps keep you cool during warm summer days. In addition, Nike has included an ergonomic brief liner in these shorts that feels soft yet supportive.

Furthermore, Nike constructed the Stride shorts with a shallow rise and limited give--allowing athletes to run faster and more freely. The narrow waistband, with a drawcord that can be worn internally or externally for adjustable support, ensures that athletes never have to worry about their shorts moving midrun.

Best for Compression

Nike Training Compression Shorts

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What We Like Most About It

Get the support you need for your toughest workouts with Nike Training Compression Shorts. With the power of Nike Dri-FIT technology, these shorts will move sweat away from your skin for quicker drying and help you stay comfortable and dry.

The mesh paneling at both the inseam and upper seat provides breathability and ventilation, so you’ll stay cool throughout your workout. Highly durable and lightweight, these shorts are perfect to get you through your most demanding workouts with ease. Get optimal mobility and comfort wherever your workout takes you with Nike Training Compression Shorts!

What You Need to Know

Nike Training Compression Shorts provide an unbeatable combination of durability and flexibility for your most intensely active days. They feature a double-layer mesh gusset in the front that gives you superior breathability right where you need it most. You'll stay cool, dry, and comfortable with Nike's stretchy design so you can keep performing at peak performance regardless of your activity level! For a more eco-friendly option Nike Training Compression Shorts are made with up to 75% recycled polyester fibers; guaranteed to last through countless runs or races.

Best Fleece Shorts

Nike Tech Fleece Shorts

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What We Like Most About It

Upgrade your everyday shorts with Nike's Sportswear Tech Fleece shorts. Equipped with double-sided spacer fleece and a premium look, these shorts are designed to keep you warm without adding any extra bulk or weight. With a standard fit that provides a relaxed feel, you'll stay comfortable all day long. Plus, the smooth feel on both sides will hold up to everyday wear and tear without sacrificing style. Get the perfect blend of comfort and a sporty style with Nike's Sportswear Tech Fleece shorts.

What You Need to Know

Nike’s Tech Fleece Shorts are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Made with a double-sided spacer fleece, they will keep you warm without making you feel weighed down or bulky. The side seam pockets provide convenient storage and the elastic drawstring waistband lets you easily adjust the fit according to your individual needs. Nike's ingenious design means that these shorts not only look great but also offer maximum comfort that can be adjusted on the fly. So whether you're going for a workout or just want a stylish athleisure look, Nike's Tech Fleece Shorts are an ideal choice.

Nike Running Shorts Men FAQs

You want to find the best running shorts to achieve your goals but don’t know which ones to choose! With so many on amazon, it can be hard to figure out which ones are the best.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding running shorts so you can find out more about which shorts are best for you:

Should running shorts be tight or loose?

When it comes to running shorts, the general recommendation is to pick a fit that falls somewhere between tight and loose. Shorts that are too tight can cause chafing, while shorts that are too loose may be distracting or interfere with your performance.

To find the right fit for you, start by considering what kind of running you're doing — long-distance runs versus sprints or interval training require different fits. If you’re doing long-distance runs like marathon training, then you should look for a pair of regular-cut running shorts that sit at mid-thigh length and have an even split up the side. This provides a looser fit which allows unrestricted movement while still staying in place during your run. For shorter distances such as interval workouts and sprints, compression shorts might be more suitable as they provide support around key muscle groups to help maintain blood circulation throughout your run for better performance.

What is the point of running shorts?

Running shorts are an essential piece of running apparel that can make all the difference between a good and bad experience while out on your run. Running shorts are the most commonly used form of bottoms in running, providing comfort and protection to enhance performance.

The primary purpose of running shorts is to provide necessary breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and lightweight coverage for runners. They come with a variety of features that improve one’s overall performance by helping regulate body temperature, reduce rubbing, provide support for muscles, and protect from UV rays when out in the sun.

Why do running shorts have a split?

Running shorts, despite their name, are designed not just to be comfortable while running, but also to improve performance. The split typically found in the sides of running shorts is there for a specific purpose. This is known as a ‘split-leg’ design and it maximizes airflow to reduce drag and increase speed.

When running you create air resistance that can slow you down and make your legs feel heavier than normal. By splitting the side seams of your shorts, more air can flow through them helping lower this resistance which in turn improves performance by increasing speed and reducing fatigue during runs or races. It also allows for better cooling on hot days which helps keep runners at an optimal temperature during exercise resulting in more efficient energy use during longer runs or high-intensity workouts.

Why do men's running shorts have liners?

Men's running shorts typically have liners for a variety of reasons. First, the liner provides support and protection from chafing. It can act as a barrier between the body and the material of the running short to reduce friction that may occur during physical activity. This allows men to remain comfortable while running or working out, making it easier to focus on their performance instead of any discomfort they may be feeling.

The second reason why men’s running shorts have liners is that they provide enhanced moisture absorption capabilities than outer fabrics alone could offer. The interior fabric helps absorb sweat quicker than if there was just one layer of fabric allowing for greater comfort even during intense workouts or runs outdoors.

Are shorter shorts better for running?

The short answer is: it depends. The type of shorts you use for running activities should depend on your individual needs and preferences.

When it comes to comfort, shorter shorts can be better in some cases due to the lightness of the fabric and reduced amount of material that rubs against your skin while running. This is particularly beneficial if you are prone to chafing or otherwise uncomfortable during longer runs. Shorter shorts also give you a greater range of motion when running, allowing for more agility and less restriction in your stride.

On the other hand, longer, looser-fitting shorts provide more coverage which may make them preferred by those who live in cooler climates or those who are sensitive to sun exposure. In addition, they provide more space for pockets and other items such as energy gels so that runners can take their supplies with them on long distances without having to carry a separate bag or belt pouch system.

How often should you replace running shorts?

Running shorts are an essential piece of gear for any runner. Knowing when to replace them is key to maintaining comfort and performance while running. Generally speaking, running shorts should be replaced about every 6 months or so, depending on how often you use them.

If you run frequently (3-4 days per week or more), then it’s important to keep a close eye on your running shorts for signs of wear and tear. Look for fraying fabric, pilling from friction against the skin, and any other cracks or tears in the fabric. The moment you start noticing these signs is usually when it’s time to look into replacing your shorts.

What should I look for in men's running shorts?

When searching for men's running shorts, its always worth a shop around, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, comfort is of the utmost importance. Look for shorts with wicking fabric that move sweat away from the body and dry quickly using dri fit technology, as well as breathable mesh panels, to help promote airflow. These features will help you stay cool and comfortable on your runs. If you are a regular nighttime runner shorts with reflective details for added visibility would also be an added benefit.

What do guys wear underneath running shorts?

When it comes to running shorts, men have several options when it comes to what they wear underneath, depending on the activity and the weather. Generally speaking, most runners recommend wearing some type of comfortable and quick-drying fabric like nylon or polyester close to their skin. This helps keep them cool while they’re running, while also helping prevent abrasions and other injuries related to chafing caused by fabrics that don’t fit well or are too tight.

Which Nike Running Shorts are Best for You?

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Nike running shorts are one of the best pieces of gear available for all athletes. With such a wide range to choose from and a plethora of reviews to analyze and compare, it could take days or weeks before you decide on the perfect pair for you.

However, with our guide and quick recommendation, we hope that you now have a better idea of which pair is just right for you. We wish you luck in whatever sport, program, or workout you choose to pursue and hope that these comfortable form-fitting shorts give you the support and mobility needed when running or exercising.

Don't forget to tap the red button to find out more information as well as check the current price before shopping around!

Until next time, stay safe and happy running!