Are you looking for a way to stay organized and motivated when it comes to your running routine?

A running log book can be a great way to do just that. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has its own unique features that can benefit runners of all levels.

In this blog post, we will review six of the best running log books on the market today. We'll discuss their features and how they can benefit runners of all levels. So if you're looking for a way to stay organized and motivated, read on!

How We Choose The Best Products For You

Trying to find the best running log book can be overwhelming and time-consuming. You want to make sure you get a good one that will help you track your progress as a runner.

With so many different running log books on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? It can be tough to weed through all of the options and figure out what’s important to you in a running log book.

We’ve done the hard work for you! After researching thousands of reviews and ratings, we’ve compiled a list of the best running log books on the market. Whether you are looking for a basic or more advanced running log book, we have something for everyone.

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Best for Motivational Prompts

Gone For a Run Day-By-Day Run Planner

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What We Like Most About It

The Gone For a Run Day-By-Day Run Planner is the perfect planner for any running enthusiast, from a new runner to a marathon pro. This 140-page planner includes everything you need to set goals, plan runs, and map out your running journey.

The daily log entries keep track of performance, conditions, records, and times so that you can track your progress and improve over time. But it doesn’t just help you with tracking – inspirational prompts, motivational words, and uplifting quotes fill each page, helping to motivate and inspire your morning run every day. With this planner at hand, you can be sure that every step of your journey will make a difference in reaching your running goals.

What You Need to Know

The Gone For a Run Day-By-Day Run Planner aims to help runners and athletes of all sorts stay on top of their goals. It comes in a convenient 7" X 5.5" size, making it great for slipping into any gym bag, pocketbook, or car door - so you can record the million thoughts that come at the end of your workout right away! The journal helps keep track of goals over time and track progress, and its small size makes it easily accessible when needed.

Best for Additional Advice & Tips

The 365-Day Running Journal

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What We Like Most About It

The 365-Day Running Journal is the perfect way to stay motivated and track your running progress over a year. Featuring a modern design, it makes it easy for you to record everything for each run―location, time, weather, and distance―allowing you to see how you’re running program evolves day by day. It also enables you to keep track of your goals, races, and personal records so that each day’s effort is another step closer to achieving them.

Whether you’re a casual jogger or an ultrarunner, this journal will remind you that it’s not always about racing―but rather about doing something that brings joy and fulfillment in life. Record every detail of your journey toward physical health and make sure each run counts with The 365-Day Running Journal!

What You Need to Know

The 365-Day Running Journal is a great tool for runners looking for motivation and support as they stay dedicated to their running journey. The pages aren't tied to a calendar date so you have the flexibility to start and stop whenever you want.

You can explore extra articles about running, such as form tips, race preparation strategies, or nutrition advice that are all incredibly helpful when it comes to staying healthy and improving your results. The same journal can be used repeatedly—simply pick back up where you left off!

Best for Goal Setting

Believe Training Journal

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What We Like Most About It

The Believe Training Journal is a powerful tool that can help runners reach their goals. Developed by professional runners Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas, this journal is based on years of experience and offers programs for both recreationally minded runners to elite athletes.

With practical features such as goal setting, training plans, daily workout logging, and motivational reminders, the Believe Training Journal will keep you accountable for your pursuit of success in running and beyond.

This robust journal has a smart design with intuitive features and coaching tips to facilitate your journey. Its planning function enables runners to set goals that best comport to their abilities and aspirations in terms of speed, distance, and other key performance levels.

The tracking capability helps chart progress by inputting training data each week along with comments on every session. With these functions placed at a runner’s fingertips, they have the power to identify successes or missteps quickly which minimizes future mistakes by understanding what works best for them.

What You Need to Know

Believe Training Journal is the perfect training companion for any athlete. It includes an undated annual calendar, undated daily and weekly running logs, and a variety of helpful topics to sharpen your skills like how to use a training log, set goals based on personality type, create a custom training plan, 12 key workouts to use during training, tricks and tips for fueling correctly, mental tactics to push through adversity during races, setting good mental habits for peak performance, recovery strategies tailored specifically to runners, reflective exercises that help plan improvements post-season season successes or setbacks, and finally how to develop positive running groups that cultivate healthy habits.

Best Additional Nutrition Advice

Runners World Training Journal

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What We Like Most About It

Are you a runner looking to track your progress and become your best self in the new year? Look no further than the Runners World Training Journal! This must-have journal provides all the information, motivation, and support you need to hit your running goals. Whether you’re a fitness jogger, a competitive racer, or somewhere in between, this updated and revised version of the classic training journal has what you need.

With space for recording daily routes, mileage, times, and notes— as well as tips on training nutrition and how to avoid injury—you’ll be ready to safely embark on an enriching journey of mental and physical development. Plus, with motivating advice from professional runners, this journal will give you that extra finish-line boost when it matters most!

What You Need to Know

Runners World Training Journal has been given a sophisticated makeover, with full-color photographs throughout and practical advice from Runners World's team of experts. The journal is designed for maximum convenience, with smear-proof paper and spiral binding so you can take it out on your runs.

A Week-at-a-Glance feature to easily summarize weekly progress, detailed spaces to document routes, distances, time, and cross training - and how you felt during your run - Runners World Training Journal will help you stay focused and motivated.

Best for Budget

Alex A. Myles Running Log Book

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What We Like Most About It

The Alex A. Myles Running Log Book is a budget-friendly and easy-to-use solution for staying up to date on your running progress. Whether you're an aspiring marathoner, or just looking to get into a good exercise routine, this log book will help you achieve your goals and stay motivated. It includes two pages per week which provide an easily understandable visual representation of your achievements, covering everything from long runs, short sprints and duration.

End-of-week reviews are also encouraged allowing you to record the averages of each session, giving you a lasting look back at what worked best for you. The Alex A. Myles Running Log Book is perfect for those who are serious about their running, helping create lasting improvements that will benefit them in the long run.

What You Need to Know

The proper tracking of your fitness level is essential for any health and fitness enthusiast, which is why this fitness-tracking journal has just the features to help you achieve that. It allows daily tracking, where users can measure their distance, time, speed, weather and calories burned as well as leaving a portion for writing notes.

The weekly review also offers great benefits with its ability to review a user's progress by calculating the total distance traveled, total hours of exercise performed, average speed achieved in exercises, total calories burned, and weight change.

It also includes 110 pages of premium quality paper in its 52-week tracker. This budget journal is truly an invaluable asset for one who seeks to maximize the impact of their exercising investment.

Best Seller on Amazon

The Complete Runner’s 12-Month Planner

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What We Like Most About It

The Complete Runner's 12-Month Planner is the ultimate guide for joggers and marathoners alike. Perfect for all skill levels, this portable and practical planner offers a wealth of valuable insights and inspiring resources that will keep you motivated throughout your running journey. With inspirational photographs, helpful tips, and insightful essays, you can easily track your progress, plan for races over time, and even learn more about running techniques.

With monthly essays written by experienced runners, this planner provides in-depth guidance on how to also improve your performance as well as reach personal goals. For those just starting on their running path or who want a motivational boost when training for races The Complete Runner's 12-Month Planner is the perfect companion!

What You Need to Know

The Complete Runner's 12-Month Planner is the perfect tool for any serious runner. The planner is spiral-bound and designed with a 6.6" x 9.2" page size (13.2" x 9.2" when open), offering generous grid space for notes, appointments, and reminders to help you stay organized. In addition to easy tracking options, The Complete Runner’s 12-Month Planner offers great tips to improve your running practice and motivational quotes for added inspiration, all alongside beautiful full-color photographs.

The planner also offers graphs to monitor and visualize weekly mileage plus bonus space to track records and race times. The layout makes it easy to track your long-term progress while also allowing monthly and weekly planning space so you can effectively map out each upcoming month or week of training.

Running Log FAQs

You want to find the best running log for you, but you don’t know which one to choose! With so many on the market, it can be hard to figure out which ones are the best.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about running logs so you can find out more about running logs and find the best one for you:

What do you record in a running log?

A running log is an essential tool for any runner looking to track their progress, ensure that they are taking proper precautions when exercising, and stay motivated throughout their journey. A running log should contain several types of information to be most effective.

First and foremost, it's important to document the distance ran each day as well as the associated duration or pace. This can be done via a GPS watch or tracking device to record your runs. This will give you a historical reference so that you can track how far you've come over time and compare similar runs more accurately. Additionally, recording the weather conditions during your run can help provide insight into how different elements may have played into your performance; such as windy conditions increasing difficulty during outdoor runs.

Moreover, logging how you felt before, during, and after each run is also beneficial in understanding what causes positive or negative shifts in terms of energy levels or motivation while training.

How do you write a running log?

Writing a running log is an essential habit for any serious runner to cultivate. A running log can provide valuable insight into your progress, injuries, and overall health. It’s also a great way to track milestones and celebrate successes along the way! A running log can be a handwritten log or a digital running log.

To get started with your running log, it’s important to decide what information you want to track. This could include time spent on each run; distance covered; type of terrain (trail or road); workout intensity levels; any exercises done in addition to the run (e.g., stretching, strength training, etc).

Make sure you record additional details such as the date of the run, weather conditions, etc - this way you can see how different elements may have impacted your performance.

Should I keep a running log?

Keeping a running log is an excellent way to stay motivated and track your progress. It can also be useful for analyzing your runs, tracking shoe mileage, and helping you find ways to improve as a runner.

What does a weekly training log include?

A running training log is an invaluable tool for tracking your progress and staying motivated. This type of log should include a weekly schedule that outlines the specific running activities you plan to do each day or week.

The schedule should detail exactly what kind of run you’ll be doing, how long it will last, the intensity level (i.e., easy vs hard) as well as any speed work and/or hill repeats if applicable. Your training log should also note when your rest days are so that you can ensure adequate recovery time from your runs.

What are the benefits of a running log?

Creating a running log is a great way to track your progress as you work towards becoming a better runner. The benefits of tracking your running performance include improving motivation, setting realistic goals, and overall improvement in performance.

Do professional runners keep a log?

Yes, professional runners keep a log of their runs. Logging your runs is an essential part of training for any runner. Keeping a running log not only helps to keep track of distance and pace but it can also be used to help note any changes in performance or trends over time.

Will a running log make me a better runner?

Absolutely. Manual running logs or digital logs can be powerful tools to help you become a better runner by providing key insights and tracking your progress over time. Maintaining a record of your runs can provide valuable feedback on your overall performance, helping you monitor trends in your running form, strength, pace, nutrition, and rest patterns.

How long should I keep a running log for?

It depends on the individual runner and their goals. However, most runners track their runs for several months, or even longer periods of time. Keeping a training log can be an invaluable tool for monitoring your progress, identifying opportunities to improve performance, and tracking any injuries that occur throughout the season.

Which Running Log is Best for You?

Thanks for joining us on this journey of finding the best running log to track and improve your progress! We hope this article has provided you with a better understanding of what features to look out for when shopping around. Now that you have the knowledge, why not take action and pick the one that's right for you?

You may be surprised at how having access to your data can improve your running performance. So go ahead and click that red button to check the price of the most suitable running log for you - don't forget, tracking your runs is key to making great improvements in both speed and stamina.

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