Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, having the right shirt can make all the difference. Not only do they need to be comfortable, but they also need to provide performance benefits.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 running shirts on the market today. We'll take a look at their features and how they can benefit runners of all levels.

So whether you are in the market for a new shirt or just curious about what's out there, read on for our top picks!

How We Choose The Best Running Shirts For You

Buying running clothes can be a daunting task. You want something that's affordable, but you also don't want to sacrifice quality.

It's hard to know where to start when looking for new running clothes. Do you go with a brand you trust, or try out an unknown company? Long sleeve or short sleeve? And what about the price tag? Is it worth spending more for a shirt that's comfortable and will last longer?

We understand the challenges of shopping for running clothes. That's why we've put together this list of the best running shirts on the market. We've considered all of the factors that are important to runners, including comfort, fit, breathability, wicking sweat, and price. So whether you're looking for a new everyday shirt or something to wear on race day, we've got you covered.

Here at Smart Frog, we take pride in our reviews. We only recommend products that we believe in and use ourselves. We also believe in transparency, so we want you to know that Smart Frog Reviews may receive a commission at no cost to you from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). With that said, we would never recommend a product we didn't believe in just to make a quick buck. We stand by our reviews 100%, and we hope you find them helpful. Thanks for supporting us and happy shopping!

Best Long Sleeve Shirt For UPF Protection

RoadBox Long Sleeve Running Shirt

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What we love about it

Looking for a long sleeve shirt that will offer you UPF 50 protection while keeping you cool and dry? Look no further than the RoadBox Long Sleeve Shirt!

This shirt is made from sun-resistant fibers to protect you from UV rays and yarns that will absorb ultraviolet rays, keeping you protected on your runs. The nigh-tec interlocking knit is lightweight, breathable, and wicks sweat to keep you comfortable and dry.

Whether you're training for a race or just enjoying a morning run, the RoadBox long-sleeve shirt is the perfect choice for any runner looking for UPF 50 protection.

What You Need To Know

With an ergonomic design, this shirt is super comfortable on the longest of runs. Its soft fabric moves with you but will not stretch out or cling to you, retaining its shape after numerous runs.

It comes with a tag-free neck to avoid chafing and flatlock seams to reduce friction on your skin. This shirt has numerous reviews praising it for its ability to keep your body cool while exercising in hot weather. With Wick away moisture, this shirt will help keep you cool and dry on your run.

The comfortable ergonomic design allows for a full range of motion and will not stretch out or cling to your body. With a tag-free neck, this shirt will help to reduce chafing and friction on your skin. If you are looking for a comfortable, cooling shirt, then this is the shirt for you.

Best For Zipper Pocket & Reflective Properties

Beleaf 1/4 Zipped Running Shirt

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What we love about it

Looking for a shirt that will help you stay safe on your early morning or evening runs? Look no further than the Beleaf ¼ Zipped Long Sleeve Shirt!

This shirt comes with a reflective strip down the back and reflective piping on the sleeves, so you'll be visible to cars and other runners even in low-light conditions. Plus, the zippered back pocket is perfect for holding your phone, keys, or other valuables while you're on the go.

Whether you're just starting to get into shape or you're a seasoned runner, the Beleaf ¼ Zipped Shirt is a great choice for any level of fitness.

What you Need To Know

Winter can be a difficult time to stay motivated to keep up with your running goals. The cold weather and shorter days make it easy to hit the snooze button and cozy up in bed instead of lacing up your shoes and getting out the door.

However, with the right gear, winter running can be enjoyable and even invigorating. This shirt is designed to keep you warm on even the coldest of days. The brushed fleece lining is soft and comfortable, and the 4-way stretch material allows for a great range of motion.

The moisture-reducing properties help your body to stay dry, and the quarter zip on the front of the shirt provides added ventilation. The neck surround is also fitted with an anti-chaffing strip, making this shirt ideal for winter runs.

So don't let the cold weather stop you from achieving your running goals - gear up with this shirt and hit the pavement today.

Best For Color Choice & Comfort

Under Armour Men's Tech 2.0 T-Shirt

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What we love about it

Looking for a workout shirt that is comfortable, stylish, and comes in a variety of colors? Look no further than the Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 T-Shirt.

This short sleeve shirt is made from UA Tech fabric, which is ultra-soft and has a natural feel against your skin. The shirt also features sweat-wicking technology that keeps you cool and dry during your workout. This is a great running shirt with a relaxed fit.

With over 50 colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect shirt to match your style.

What You Need To Know

As you would expect from such an Under Armour shirt, it comes with moisture-wicking properties and will dry super fast. It is made of a lightweight breathable material that does not cause you to overheat, even when running in the summer heat.

The shirt also fits well and does not ride up or chafe when I am sweating. With over 3.5k reviews on amazon many of them 5 stars this great running shirt is a safe bet in your purchasing decision. We would highly recommend this shirt to any runner or athlete who is looking for a comfortable, high-quality piece of workout clothing.

Best Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt

Neleus Long Sleeved Running Shirt

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What we love about it

Looking for a shirt that will set you apart from the rest? Look no further than the Neleus Long Sleeve Shirt.

This unique hooded shirt is lightweight and comfortable, with a sporty fit that makes it perfect for running. The hooded design provides extra warmth for your head at the start of a run and can be pulled down when you're warmed up.

Whether you're looking to make a statement or just stay comfortable on your run, the Neleus Long-Sleeved Shirt is a perfect choice.

What You Need To Know

This great shirt is designed to keep you dry and comfortable while you're on the move. The moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep sweat and moisture away from your skin, while the lightweight fabric construction ensures that you won't feel weighed down.

The shirt also offers UV protection, keeping you safe from the sun's harmful rays. And if you're out running in low light, the reflective logo will help to keep you visible.

So whether you're hitting the gym or the trails, this shirt will help you perform at your best.

Best Short Sleeved For Value & Softness

Zengjo Quick Dry Running Shirt

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What we love about it

Looking for a high-quality, affordable shirt? Look no further than the Zengjo Quick Dry Shirt!

This shirt is perfect for runners of all levels, thanks to its unique square mesh design that offers superior comfort and breathability. Plus, the shirt's lightweight construction makes it ideal for hot weather runs.

And with its quick-dry fabric, you'll stay cool and comfortable on the longest of runs.

What You Need To Know

This short sleeve shirt is super light and has great ventilation keeping you cool and dry. Its Ergonomic 4 needle flat-lock seams allow a greater range of motion, and it is tagless in design to reduce chaffing in movements.

The sleeves are a cut-and-sew panel in design with flatlock seams for added comfort whilst running.

The rear of the jersey features a zippered pocket that is perfect for holding your essentials whilst on the move, and reflective accents help to keep you visible in low-light conditions. Whether you’re hitting the streets or the trails, this athletic-fit shirt is sure to keep you comfortable and stylish on your next run.

Running Shirts FAQs

You're considering buying a running shirt, but you're not sure if it's worth the investment.

A running shirt is an important piece of gear for any runner. Not only do they help keep you cool and comfortable, but they can also help prevent chafing and skin irritation. Some more modern running shirts now have odor-control fabric!

Here are some of the most common questions asked about running shirts to help you decide if one is right for you.

What kind of running shirts are there?

There is a variety of running shirts on the market, made from different materials and in different styles.

Most running shirts are made from synthetic materials that wicks sweat and moisture, while others are made from natural materials such as cotton or bamboo. Some running shirts have short sleeves, while others have long sleeves. Some are tight-fitting, while others are loose-fitting or relaxed-fit.

There is a shirt for every preference and need. Read product reviews to find the shirt that is best for you.

What is a technical running shirt?

A technical shirt is a shirt made from synthetic, lightweight material that is designed to keep you cool and dry while you run.

Technical running shirts are made from materials such as polyester or nylon, which are known to be able to wick sweat away from the body. This means that the material will pull sweat away from your skin so that it can evaporate quickly, keeping you cool and dry.

The fabric is also often treated with anti-microbial agents for anti-odor.

What type of shirt is the coldest?

A white shirt is the coldest because it reflects the most light.

Dark colors absorb light while light colors reflect it. That's why wearing a white shirt in the summer makes you feel colder – because it absorbs more heat from the sun than a dark shirt would. On the other hand, wearing a black shirt in the summer would make you feel hotter, because it would absorb more sunlight than a white shirt would.

What is a good shirt for running?

There is no one "good" shirt. It depends on the person's preferences and how the shirt fits.

Some people prefer lightweight shirts that wick away sweat and keep them cool, while others prefer heavier shirts that will keep them warm in cold weather.

Some people like tight-fitting shirts that show off their muscles, while others prefer looser-fitting shirts that are less constricting.

The best way to find out what kind of shirt works best for you is to try out a few different kinds and see which ones you like best.

Should running shirts be loose or tight?

There isn't really a right or wrong answer to this question, as it depends on personal preference.

Some runners prefer to wear loose-fitting shirts, as they feel less restricted and more comfortable that way. Others prefer to wear tight-fitting running shirts, as they feel that the tight fit helps to support their muscles and prevents any chafing.

Is a cotton shirt good for running?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, such as the climate you are running in and the intensity of your workout.

That said, cotton shirts are not generally considered to be the best choice for running, as they cannot wick sweat and moisture away which can make you feel heavy and sluggish.

A better option would be a synthetic fabric shirt that wicks away moisture from your skin.

Do running clothes make a difference?

Yes! Athletic clothes are designed to help you move more easily and comfortably. The fabrics are typically lightweight and breathable, and the cuts are streamlined so that you won't feel weighed down or constricted as you run.

In addition, many running clothes come with features like built-in bras, adjustable waistbands, and technology to wick sweat away to keep you cool and dry throughout your run even in hot weather. Running shirts also come as long sleeve shirts or short sleeve shirts.

So if you're looking for a little extra motivation to get moving, why not try out a pair of good-quality running clothes? You may be surprised at how much of a difference they make in terms of your comfort and performance.

Smart Frog Best Advice

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